Dotyková obrazovka s integrovaným PLC

24 V DC

7,0 ´´



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Popis Dotyková obrazovka s integrovaným PLC
Počet AI / AO 0/ 0
Počet DI / DO 0/ 0
Napájanie 24 V DC
Veľkosť obrazovky 7,0 ´´
Pomer obrazovky 16:9
Komunikačné rozhranie 1 x RS232, 1 x RS485, USB
SD karta nie
Cena bez DPH 191.00 €
Cena s DPH 229.20 €



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Classic text panels are relatively little used in machine control today. Therefore, Delta Electronics did not continue their development.

The situation is different with text panels with an integrated control system (PLC). There is still a need for small control systems and simple display devices. The price of the product is very important in such applications. In the area of ​​text panels, Delta Electronics therefore launched two products, text panels with integrated PLC, TP70 (touch screen with integrated PLC) and TP04P (four-line text panel with integrated PLC).

You can download the development environment for creating text panel programs, TP editor, free of charge from our website. The ISP soft and COMMGR programs are used to create control programs in text panels with an integrated PLC, which you can also find on our website.

Take advantage of our offer of text panels, in which you will find great products at an amazing price.

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