GM355M8 B3
GM355M8 B3

Aktuálne vybraný produkt

GM355M8 B3

Výkon 132 kW
Otáčky 600 ot./min
Brzda bez brzdy
Vyhotovenie B3 pätkový
Veľkosť motora Štandardná veľkosť
Cena bez DPH 8855.00 €
Cena s DPH 10626.00 €


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    Files Not Available


Asynchronous motors class IE1 efficiency

Wide assortment and top quality, this is the basic feature of Seipee's product offerings. A great advantage is the extensive warehouse stock and the flexibility of this company, which shortens the delivery time. In addition, IE1 engines are still available, which have an interesting price, but it is also possible to deliver lower axle motors, which may be of particular interest in machine space problems.

Offering three-phase asynchronous motors in the power range from 90 W to 900 kW,

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