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Odpor 200 Ω
Výkon 80 W
Cena bez DPH 15.00 €
Cena s DPH 18.00 €


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are accessories for frequency converters or servo converters.
It is a component that can be connected to any brand of inverter. It is necessary to observe the values ​​given in the catalog, namely the minimum resistance (Ω) and power (W).

The braking resistors are connected to the braking transistor, which the frequency converter must be equipped with. If the inverter does not have an integrated braking transistor, it is necessary to connect an external braking unit to the inverter and then a braking resistor.

Braking resistors are used to absorb energy, discharge - burning excess energy generated by an electric motor.

If the electric motor has an active load (for example a load suspended on a crane), it acts as a generator.

If we want to brake such a drive, which has kinetic energy even after the power supply is switched off, it is necessary to divert the accumulated energy somewhere. It is either sent to recuperation units (exceptionally and only at high outputs - an expensive solution), which return this energy to the electrical network, or it is burned by a braking resistor.

In the case of large outputs, the resistors are made to measure, and are also large as a cabinet ...

We can also provide you with custom-made resistors.

Of course, as always, in the highest quality at an unbeatable price!

Do not hesitate to contact us for a proposal for a suitable solution!

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