3x 400 V AC

PNP, NPN, prepínateľná

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Napájanie 3x 400 V AC
Výkon 0,7 kW
Logika vstupov PNP, NPN, prepínateľná
Filter integrovaný
Brzdný tranzistor integrovaný
Cena bez DPH 369.00 €
Cena s DPH 442.80 €


VFD-C2000 VFD-C2000 VFD is ideal for very demanding applications in the power range of 750 W - 355 kW with three-phase power supply and integrated PLC.

If you are looking for a top-of-the-line drive that can handle drive, extruders, cranes, calenders, crushers, position control and speed loop control. The C2000 Series Series is certainly the right choice. Winders and unwinders can be controlled thanks to very precise torque control. Positioning with feedback from the engine makes it possible to achieve a full torque even at very low (zero) speeds.

The VFD-C2000 frequency inverters include an integrated class A (disconnectable) network filter and a 30kW braking transistor, the RS485 serial interface (communicating in the MODBUS protocol) and the CANopen communication interface. A full-featured PLC can memorize up to 10,000 instructions and has a real arithmetic. It is programmable in line schematics. The keypad is included with the frequency converter. It can be connected via an extension cord.

Input logic is optional between PNP and NPN.


3 analog

10 digital programmable


2 digital transistor

2 digital relay

1 frequency

2 analog

Up to three different expansion cards can be added to the basic drive. Communication, IO inputs and outputs, and a feedback card from the engine.

The VFD-C2000 series is the absolute top of the frequency inverters. During our years of practical experience, it is the best changer we have ever encountered.

Thanks to the free software to the frequency converter, their programming is simple and the price of the inverter does not get any more. You can download this program as well as PLC programming software for free at this page or download section.

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Due to quality and reliability, we provide 2 years warranty on the VFD-C2000 frequency inverter as standard.

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