PNP/NPN (prepínateľná)

s filtrom EMC


Aktuálne vybraný produkt


Napájanie 1x 230 V AC
Výkon 0,2 kW
Logika vstupov PNP/NPN (prepínateľná)
Filter s filtrom EMC
Brzdný tranzistor Bez
Cena bez DPH 120.00 €
Cena s DPH 144.00 €




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VFD-EL are frequency inverters with outputs of 0.2 - 2.2 kW (1 x 230 VAC) and 0.4 - 3.7 kW (3 x 400 VAC). There is a stock at a bargain price.

VFD-EL frequency inverters are suitable for less demanding applications, just like the VFD-L series. Of course, there is a RS485 serial interface (Modbus), an integrated Class A network filter, a control panel and a built-in potentiometer.
Input logic is optional between PNP and NPN.


1 list (switchable voltage 0 - 10 V DC or 4 - 20 mA current signal)

6 digital freely programmable


1 digital relay

1 analog

The VFD-EL frequency inverter as well as other Delta Electronics products are free of charge! You can download the VFD-EL Drive Configuration Program below on this page.

The installation manual in Slovak or original in English is available for easy configuration of the inverter.

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We will prepare a tailored price offer to help you choose the right type of inverter. We will also help you with commissioning or other services according to your requirements ...

Phone support and help with installing frequency inverters are provided to our customers free of charge.

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