PNP, NPN, prepínateľná

s filtrom



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Napájanie 230 V AC
Výkon 0,1 kW
Logika vstupov PNP, NPN, prepínateľná
Filter s filtrom
Brzdný tranzistor integrovaný
Bezpečné zastavenie áno
Cena bez DPH 166.00 €
Cena s DPH 199.20 €


The VFD-ME300 vector frequency inverter is a new type of economical Delta Electronics inverter.

They are manufactured in nominal powers from 100 W to 7.5 kW. Possible power supply voltage is 110 VAC, 230 VAC and 400 VAC.

The advantages of VFD-ME300 include:

• compact design (up to 60% smaller than older models)

• Possibility of using an inverter with an asynchronous and synchronous motor

• Integrated brake transistor and increased braking power

• Integrated line filter

• Certified STO input for safe stop

• Spring clamps for quick and easy connection of control signals

• Guaranteed motor torque of 200% at 3 Hz

• Preset converter configurations for pumps, fans, compressors and conveyors


VFD-ME300 frequency inverters include:


• 5 freely programmable digital inputs with switchable PNP / NPN logic, of which the MI5 input can be used as a pulse input with a frequency of up to 10 kHz

• Safety STO input

• 1 analog input (switchable 0 ... 10V and 4 ... 20mA)


• 1 freely programmable relay output with changeover contact

• 1 freely programmable NPN transistor output

• 1 analog output 0 ... 10 V.

Contact us, we will be happy to help you choose a frequency converter suitable for your application.

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