R C V P 141 8,17 D20 80_B14 2p
R C V P 141 8,17 D20 80_B14 2p



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R C V P 141 8,17 D20 80_B14 2p

Stavebná veľkosť 141
Vyhotovenie pätkové
Prevodový pomer 8,2
Výstupné otáčky 343 ot./min
Výstupný hriadeľ plný 20 mm
Vstupná príruba IEC 80, B14
Otáčky motora 900 ot./min
Max výstupný moment 25 Nm
Max výstupný výkon 0,9 kW
Prevádzkový faktor 1
Cena bez DPH 111.00 €
Cena s DPH 133.20 €


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They are a proven product of the Varmec company, which is now part of the Tramec company. The advantages of these gearboxes include reliability, short delivery time and, last but not least, a very interesting price.

Varmec gearboxes are manufactured with an IEC input flange (ready for mounting a standard IEC motor), or with a full input shaft.

Gearboxes can be either aluminum or cast iron. Gearboxes with an aluminum gearbox are manufactured up to a maximum output torque of 330 Nm and a design size of 303, with gearboxes with a cast iron box the maximum output torque is 3583 Nm.

Typical applications are drives of machines, lines and equipment, conveyors ...

We will be happy to help you choose gearboxes from our offer and design the optimal drive solution for you. We look forward to your questions.

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