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Napájanie 1x 230 V AC
Rozmery 48x 48x 98 mm
Vstup termočlánok a PT100
Výstup 2x relé
Popis PID
Cena bez DPH 87.00 €
Cena s DPH 104.40 €


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Our range includes both ON / OFF and PID temperature controllers. All are characterized by high technical standards, excellent regulatory features, easy setup and reliability. There are products from the Italian company Tecnológica and the Swiss multinational concern Carlo Gavazzi.

The best-selling of our offer is the TLZ11 and K49 controllers, which are also available in stock (resale reserved).

The K49 controller has a built-in auto-tuning feature. The new algorithm has improved the identification results and is also usable in devices with mutually affecting control zones. Part of its equipment is a function of continuous tuning of parameters during regulation (Selftuning), which is especially suitable for a system with changing parameters. This function improves the accuracy of the control thanks to the continuous adaptation of the controller to the current parameters of the regulated system. It is a part of the new generation of controllers, it has a two-line display displaying the desired and actual value, its programming is very simple with the buttons located below the display.

The TLZ11 temperature controller is a simple, low-cost ON / OFF temperature controller suitable for less precise control. This type of regulator is also called the digital thermostat, in essence, to fulfill the function of the thermostat.

Its main advantage is simple setup and excellent price.

We will be happy to assist you in selecting and applying our equipment. Extensive automation experience is a guarantee of your satisfaction.

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