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Napájanie 1x 230 V AC
Vstup 2 x spínací, 2 x rozpínací
Výstup 2 x spínací
Popis Obojručné relé, kategória 4
Cena bez DPH 129.00 €
Cena s DPH 154.80 €


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    Files Not Available


Safety features for industrial applications are part of Modesto's offer. The range includes safety relays (Central STOP, two-way control, engine stopping, lifting devices and lifts ...), safety magnetic sensors, opto-couplers.

A wide range of security features, a high technical level and an interesting price, that's why we use our products from our offer. Here you will find products that will meet your requirements for technical level and price level. Our employees are willing and able to advise you when choosing to find the best solution to your problem. Our goal is your complete satisfaction. We will be glad when you will turn to us with confidence again. Our long experience and the perfect knowledge of the assortment, this is your guarantee of your long-term satisfaction.

The Central Stop safety relay and the two-hand control are standard on stock (intermediate).

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