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Typ modulu rozširujúci digitálny modul
Počet AI / AO 0 / 0
Počet DI / DO 4 / 4 relé
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Cena bez DPH 39.00 €
Cena s DPH 46.80 €


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is the third generation logic relay from the IMO Precision Control offer. In our offer are logic relays with 230 V AC, 24 V AC and 24 VDC power supply, which are in stock (reserved) in the version with transistor and relay output.

Expansion modules for digital and analogue inputs and outputs as well as Pt100 for measuring temperature are also available.

The iSmart logic relay can be programmed in line diagrams and block diagrams. The development environment is freely available and can be downloaded free of charge from our website.

Try the logic relay from our offer. You will definitely be interested not only in the very interesting price, but also in its possibilities.

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