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The AH series PLC is Delta Electronics's most powerful control system.

The new generation of AH-series PLCs is the ideal solution for high-tech applications.
The modular hardware structure, advanced functionality and highly integrated PLC software of the AH series is a great system solution for process control applications.
A large number of function blocks, excellent performance and a wide selection of expansion modules provide the AH-series control system with exceptional scalability and modularity.
PLC series AH is equipped with 32 bit processor. The processing time of the basic instruction LD is 0.02 μs. The maximum number of digital inputs and outputs is 4,352 and 544 analog channels. The program memory is 1,000,000 steps and the data memory is 512,000 words.
Programming of the AH control system is possible in line diagrams, function blocks, block sequences, instruction list and structured text. The ISPsoft development environment, a program, that can be downloaded from our website, is used for programming.
The AH series control system can operate in the temperature range from -20 ° C to + 60 ° C.
Mechanically, the AH series PLC is designed as a rack system. This solution allows you to create a structure consisting of a basic rack PLC block with expansion modules and remote rack blocks with expansion modules, with a maximum distance of 100 m for standard interconnectors and 2,000 m for fiber optic connections. The maximum number of remote rack blocks is 7.

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