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The AS Series PLC is Delta Electronics' latest control system.

Its size can be classified as medium-sized control systems. It is equipped with a 32-bit processor from the development workshop of Delta Electronics.

Its advantages include high speed - up to 40.000 program steps per 1 ms (LD - 25 ns instruction, MOV - 0.15 μs, floating point operation instruction - 1.6 μs and trigonometric function 3.5 μs). It allows connection of 32 expansion modules or 1,024 inputs and outputs. The program memory is 128,000 steps, the data memory is 60,000 words.

A parallel industrial data bus was used to communicate the AS-series PLC processor module with the expansion modules. Its advantage is fast and reliable data transfer, which does not affect the number of connected expansion modules. Time transmission is approximately 0.1 s.

PLC AS enables position control of 8 axes via the CAN Open communication interface or 6 axes in pulse mode with pulse outputs operating at a frequency of 200 kHz.

The AS-series PLC includes standard RS485 communication with Modbus protocol, EtherNet. / IP and CanOpen.

The development environment, the ISP soft program, is freely distributed and can be downloaded from our website. It enables simple, intuitive configuration of the control system and its programming in line diagrams, function block language, block sequences and structured text.

Mechanically, PLC AS is designed for vertical mounting on DIN rail. There are two types of this AS300 PLC and an economical AS200 version.

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