24 V DC

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Napájanie 24 V DC
Veľkosť obrazovky grafický displej 128 x 64
Počet AI / AO 2 / 0
Počet DI / DO 12 / 12 tranzistor
Cena bez DPH 435.00 €
Cena s DPH 522.00 €


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i3 is an intelligent control station from IMO Precision Control. Produced with the i3A monochrome display, i3B nonchromatic touch screen and the i3C color touch screen. Each type is equipped with at least two serial interfaces. The i3 control system is suitable for small applications with the need to display parameters and values on the display. Its advantage is above all compact construction and good price.

The I3 Programming Programming Program is freely available and you can download it free of charge from our site.

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