CAN Open, Modbus

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Výkon 2 kW
Napájanie 3x 400 V AC
Komunikačné rozhranie CAN Open, Modbus
Cena bez DPH 832.00 €
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ASDA-A2 Servoinverter is a compact full-digital servo drive from Delta Electronics, powered by 3x 400V AC, 3x 230V AC and 1x 230V AC. Power is dependent on the power of the servomotor.

It is equipped with RS232 and RS485 serial interfaces with the Modbus RTU communication protocol. In addition, it can also contain a CAN bus fieldbus. Feedback from the motor is a 20-bit incremental encoder, making it possible to achieve a resolution of up to 1,280,000 pulses per revolution. It is precisely the resolution of the feedback that distinguishes it from conventional servomotors and moves into the category of top-of-the-line servo drives. Thanks to the feedback, the drive dynamics and stability of the drive are remarkable.

The ASDA-A2 has automatic parameter setting (AUTOTUNING), a vibration suppression function for the drive. Allows you to set up to 64 positional sentences and positioning in relative or absolute coordinates. It also provides the possibility of torque control or steering in the speed-servos and Master-Slave control. The ASDA-A2 has 8 digital freely programmable inputs. A maximum of 127 servo inverters can be connected via the CAN Open system bus.

It is suitable for general use, where speed control, torque control, stepper motor emulation, or positioning is required. In addition, it can work in electronic cam mode. It can be used to control feeders, dosing devices, rotary table, rotary knife, but also a flying saw.


Take advantage of our offer and our many years of experience in the field of controlled drives. We will be happy to help you with the design of drives and we look forward to your questions and orders.

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