LTD-04 50PO
LTD-04 50PO

PNP, spínací

10 ...30 VDC

kábel 2m

Aktuálne vybraný produkt

LTD-04 50PO

Vyhotovenie difúzny
Rozmery M4 x 18
Snímacia vzdialenosť 50 mm
Výstup PNP, spínací
Napájanie 10 ...30 VDC
Pripojenie kábel 2m
Cena bez DPH 28.00 €
Cena s DPH 33.60 €


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New in the offer of Modesto are laser sensors JM. Of particular interest are miniature laser sensors with a diameter of M4, M5 and M6. Diffuse and one-way laser sensors (receiver and transmiter) are available in this size.

In addition to miniature laser sensor have we at our offer too laser sensors  of size  M12 and M18. One-way M18 diameter sensors have a sensiting range of up to 100m.

A great advantage of laser sensors is the concentrated light beam, which does not spread even at greater distances. Concentrated light beam enables accurate positioning of the object as well as identification of small objects.

We have selected the most used types for our e-shop. Laser sensors from our offer will certainly interest you with their properties, but also an excellent price, which is comparable to the price of conventional optical sensors.

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