BFK 30 F 40 H14 63_B5 6p
BFK 30 F 40 H14 63_B5 6p

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BFK 30 F 40 H14 63_B5 6p

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are dimensionally compatible with Bonfiglioli, Hydromec and Lenze worm gearboxes. They are manufactured in construction sizes 030 to 075 with an aluminum gearbox. The motor can be connected via a hollow input shaft and an input (motor) flange. BFK gearboxes have a smaller installation size than X-series gearboxes.

We supply Tramec BFK series worm gearboxes in basic (without feet and flange), feeted (versions A, B and V - vertical) and flanged versions. Their modular design allows you to very easily change the input flange of the motor (according to the construction size of the motor), add an output flange or an output shaft.

All gear ratios of Tramec BFK series worm gearboxes of construction sizes 30 and 40 are in stock with the possibility of immediate delivery (intermediate sale reserved).

Like all Tramec gearboxes, the Tramec BFK series worm gearboxes have ground gearing and guaranteed backflash. Order a quality transmission from us at an excellent price.

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