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Ovládacie napätie 4 … 32 V DC
Typ prepínania v nule
Chladič bez chladiča
Spínané napätie 1 x 230 V AC
Spínaný prúd 3 A
Cena bez DPH 8.00 €
Cena s DPH 9.60 €


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Semiconductor relay

we are the products of one of the largest European manufacturers of these elements, the Swiss company Carlo Gavazzi. Her good name guarantees you quality and reliability and consequently your satisfaction.
In the menu there are semiconductor relays (switches) for switching both AC and DC, with switching at zero, angle switching with controlled analog signal, special types for switching of transformers ... Available semiconductor relays in versions of single pole, dipole and three-pole, without cooler with integrated radiator.
These Carlo Gavazzi products offer a wide range of choices for everyone to find the right solution and choose the switch exactly according to their requirements and needs.
Selected types of solid state relays are in stock, the intermediate is reserved.
Our staff will be pleased with the selection process or propose the best solution where the technical site will be considered as well as the best price for you. We would be glad to welcome you to Modesto and be pleased to leave us happy and return to us with confidence. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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